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Hey guys, been looking around at other problems similar to this and I came across your forum, I've tried many of the solutions on other forums and they just haven't worked for me, basically, what my problem is is that I am trying to use my 32'' HDTV as my computer monitor as I am using a small monitor at the moment and would like a bigger one but don't want to fork out when I've got a perfectly good TV, well, perfectly good until now. My problem is: When I hook my PC up to my TV using either VGA or HDMI lead, I set all the settings right, right resolution, right refresh rate but yet my picture is terrible, the text is tiny and all blurred and hardly readable and the picture just generally doesn't look great, I've tried my tv with multiple computers and both times I have this problem. My TV Model is a TOSHIBA RC-3910. Please help, I would really appreciate it and be over the moon if anybody could point out the real solution, thank you for your time.

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  1. sounds strange if one worked and other does not then you no it would mean your vga or hdmi is caput. but both?

    1st thing to do is try safe mode if it works in safe mode then its settings

    sounds like your graphics cards caput or your refresh rates to high or low. a small tv will use a small amount of power and a big tv uses a lot more power. and your pc will not change them settings for you.

    so you need to change your settings manualy. there are loads of settings from 60 hertz to 240 hertz. i would try 85 hertz 1st then go higher.

    my tv only works on 85 hertz only. so my tv works on 1/14 settings. you understand try every last hertz. even if it takes you 30 mins
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