What do I need for best sound /w Sennheiser HD 555's?

Hey everyone! So I am in need of a new pair of headphones and am heavily considering the HD 555's, buying them from Amazon for $99. I will be using them for home use only and they won't be disturbing anyone besides myself so open-backed are alright if they're better quality. I just have a few questions before I purchase these headphones:

1) Are there other headphones I should get? I don't really want to spend a whole lot more than $100 for the cans themselves.

2) Most important question. What do I need to get with the headphones? I keep hearing about amps and DAC's to get great sound quality. Are those necessary? And if so, which should I get? Also, do I need BOTH an amp AND a DAC? If not, which should be the number one priority?

-Uses for my headphones in order of importance: Games, music, movies. I also don't need a mic if that helps.

-I currently use the onboard audio for my mobo (P6X58D-E). If an amp and/or DAC is necessary, I really don't want to spend more than another $100 for them altogether. Like I was saying, I don't have a stand-alone sound card, maybe that is preferred?

**The biggest issue for me is static. When I'm not playing anything through my computer (games, music, movies, etc.) I don't want to hear anything coming from the headphones. For example, I use Tritton AX 720's for my 360 and I can hear some static constantly. It's pretty annoying to me.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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  1. well from your current situation, let me jsut say that the amp shoukld be the priority
  2. Just wondering if anyone can offer a bit more clarity for my questions. No matter how much I look, I can't seem to find straight-forward answers.
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