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My laptop is on its last leg. I need something new. I really like something small but I need it to handle all I do. Work projects,dvd/rw, email, webcam, movies and of course GAMES. Also needs to be set up for wireless. I guess I want it all. I dont mind spending the money if it has all I need and want. Can a notebook or netbook handle all that?
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  1. My best guess for you would be a 13" or so laptop.

    1. Netbooks require external USB CD/DVD drives, you wanna carry that too?
    2. Ipod touch, or something like that only does very limited tasks like surf web/check email, plus no webcam.
    3. Battery life on netbooks is better than laptops but not by some extreme amount or anything, we're talking maybe a couple of hours.
    4. Netbooks aren't really going to be gaming power houses, the mobile chips in netbooks are getting better, but the best games your going to be playing on a netbook are things like bejeweled, zuma, chuzzle, and plants vs. zombies.
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    "laptop" and "notebook" are interchangeable terms. Older people, like me :) tend to use "laptop".

    A netbook is a small, low spec portable of limited functionality.

    A lot of that is deliberate. No one making both wants to have netbooks sucking sales away his low end, but relatively full featured notebooks.

    You clearly want a full featured notebook.
  3. It really depends on what games you refer to and at what settings you want to run them at. The Asus g51 is a nice laptop, 15.6" with a core i7 and a 260m is a nice package. For more basic stuff and the ability to game I would says the dell studio xps 16 with core i5 or i7 and the 4670 video card. If you go any lower screen your gonna give up mid to high end gaming and can only low quality game. Up to you in the end and what your budget is.
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