ASUS G51Vx-X3A installing a blu ray driver or burner

I just purchased a G51Vx-X3A from newegg I'm happy with what I purchased hasn't arrived yet...
I I have a nice 5.1/7.1 sound system what's the best way for a laptop to fully use this? If I have to I can always switch speakers with my desktop It's just I would be using the laptop more since it's new and my desktop is only a P4 3.0 ....I just need it for research, videos and music a few old games like Star Wars knights of old rep 1 and 2 I hope I can get them to play on the new system in win7 32/64 haven't decided.

blu ray upgrade?
But I was think could I use a ASUS Galaxy Blue External Slim BD-ROM Model SBR-02E1S-U and take it out of the case to fit the Laptop? spec's below link one. Also I was looking at the Sony Burner Model BD-5730S-01 one review said the person used it on a Laptop model Asus G51Vx-A1, So I was looking at that also. second link below I tried to call NewEgg no help with them... I also Email sony but still no answer... I was also looking a slim ext case for the Sony if it didn't fit the Laptop. It's only $20.00 more than a 5.25 drive.

If these will not work I don't mind getting a ext case and buying a reg. size drive I might be able to get a better deal.

Thanks for any help someone can provide...
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  1. Get the Sony. It's really designed for inserting into laptops. Before you buy anything though make sure it's the same size as what's in your laptop now. Wouldn't want to waste money for nothing, would you? And as much as possible, get something that can fit into your laptop. This will save you having to lug around peripherals, always a plus for the laptop warrior. :) Hope this helps!
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