Panasonic Theatre System and the PS3

i'm sorry if this is the wrong section but, i cant figure out something anyways here it goes :D

I got a Panasonic SA-BT228 1000W Home Theater System and a Mitsubishi 60inch DLP HDTV w/ 3 HMDI Inputs so anyways we got the TV & Blu ray running in Surround sound No Problem but we couldn't get the PS3 because I'm assuming we didn't have enough Plugs In the Blu ray System I believe (My Dad was doing all this) so i went out and Bought a Dynex 4-Device Component Video Selector (Phew) anyways My PS3 only uses the Surround Sound only when im using the standard cables which means its Not HD so my question is, is there a way to have HDMI and Surround sound on my PS3?
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  1. Surround sound comes through hdmi, I don't understand the question?

    Okay I think I get what you are saying in your badly worded post. You are asking for surround sound WITHOUT HDMI, correct? You can use the digital optical port.
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