Presario cq57 unpausing startup menu

I'm trying to boot to start menu on a yercq57 lap-top, it powers on, en it says press esc for startup menu, press esc then it says pause startup, can't get out of pause, restarted laptop let it stand, as is without pressing any keys, hope it will disappear in a few minutes, with no such luck, took out battery, ac power, hold down power switch(1-minute), reconnected ac power, and put back battery back in, restarted laptop, right back to the beginning, open laptop up, took out rams 1 by 1, reinstall, no changes, even unattached hard drive, then plugged it back in, restarted laptop after everything had been reinstalled, NO CHANGES, I can,t figure this out, but I suspect bad hard-drive or rams, I not an expert with computers, Please Help, I have windows 7 os on this laptop. Thanks Stan the Man
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  1. I had to update the BIOS on mine my main laptop is exactly the same machine!, I had exactly the problem you described! Before doing something as drastic as that, clear your CMOS first.

    Hope this helps :)
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