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is an apple laptop a good investment?
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  2. Here we go again...

    But I'd like to say that Apple has it's place in the world even though I'll never buy one.

    What are you looking for in a laptop?
  3. Good investment?
    No, definatly not.
    Not a single piece of computer hardware is a good investment, they depreciate in value to fast ;)

    Please read This Sticky and post the required information.
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    You'r not the fisr to post this topic .... :)

    As for Apple .... if you look at what you want to do on a computer, how much flexibility there is and the cost of would be hard to put Apple at the top of the list.....(unless you get student discounts).

    However, if you factor in the amount of time you are gonna spend troubleshooting problems and waiting to get Tech Support / Customer Service on the line .....and if you're time's worth more than $5 an hour, it's hard to knock Apple off the top of the list.
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