Problem with razer lachesis mouse

whenever I play a game like borderlands or Modern Warfare 2, the mouse sometimes just looks up to the top of the screen. This used to be fairly uncommon but its getting worse and worse, and now it even happens in the desktop.

I have the latest firmware and software drivers for it but the problem still persists.

if it's any help, i use this tiny belkin woven mousepad made from some kind of plastic based fabric. it's also very dusty in my area

edit: the firmware is not up to date, but I downloaded the latest firmware and it said the update failed. then I downloaded the firmware right after mine, and that failed too.
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  1. ok, so I plugged it into an XP computer and updated the firmware there, but I still sometimes get the jump. anyone have any other ideas?

    it's better than it was but the jump isn't gone
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