Just got a new dish receiver, tv goes out after a while, repair tv man said it w

my samson plasma tv goes out. we still have sound but not picture. we replaced dish network receiver, it worked for a day or two then the tv just goes out. had tv at repair shop. replaced or fixed power supply. took tv back to repair said it ran all day, problem was with receiver, got new receiver and still goes out, we have sound, no picture. Can you help me.

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  1. electronics repair persons are notorious for making things work in their shop, and broken again when the television is used in a different house.
    i would imagine the receiver the electronics repair person is using has something different than the receiver at your house.
    maybe an output impedance difference.. maybe a voltage difference.

    if you bring in the receiver to the electrical repair shop, they should be able to determine output impedance and voltage difference without opening the dish network receiver.

    when the television can be made to work in the electric repair shop without having to open up the television.. usually that means the problem lies with the connection to the receiver, or the plug that goes into the wall outlet.
    if neither of these two are true, then comes the weird resolutions.
    to say that maybe there is some microwave radiation, or some other electrical interference in the repair shop.. it could be enough to keep the television functioning.

    to say that electrical circuits enjoy no electrical radiation, is also to say that the circuits enjoy it (since it is simply a pure opposite)

    sensitivity is through the roof, obviously, when these situations become a reality.
    it could be a cell phone tower, could be an antenna on the roof from a neighbor, could be the devices inside the shop that ,when combined, are creating something that works.

    when some electrical repair persons choose to work inside a faraday cage, other electrical repair persons might tease about the faraday cage and say 'those situations are not the same as everday life'

    it would be quite annoying to use your measurement equipment on the problematic circuit, and not realize that the electrical interference is giving wrong readings.
    if the radiation was affecting the measurement equipment too.. it would be a living hell.
    could cause bloating things, could cause under ratings.

    and maybe at the end of the day, you are plugging too many things up to the television and depleating the voltages available?
    maybe your voltages are escaping out to the dish network receiver?

    if the receiver and television work in the repair shop, then the electrical repair person would have to come to your house and diagnose the problem where it is.
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