Using other Mfg Power Supplies with ACER ASPIRE 4520 Notebook

can anyone tell me, on the Power Supply, There are 3 wires in the cable; red, black, and a brown. What is the function and voltage of the brown wire?
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  1. What kind of power supply is this, AC/DC? Is this on the DC side of the transformer? Generally there's only two cables on the DC side, not three - is the connector proprietary?

    I doubt it's on the AC side since standard AC coloring is white and black. It's either going to be a ground or a positive lead (obviously). Since you've got the adapter torn up anyway, why not just plug it to a multimeter and find out?
  2. The brown wire on the PS end came loose from an epoxied area that would be very difficult to re-attach it to without doing some major surgery. The reason im asking is i have another Power supply that offers the same voltage ratings but has 4) wires , and i cannot match it correctly unless i know what was on this one. The bad one is a HI CAPACITY 75W POWER SUPPLY. Thanks.
  3. ...again, is this some kind of proprietary connector? 4 wires? That's almost unheard of. I wouldn't operate on a PSU myself unless it was a standard one. Is this on the DC side? Where did the wire come loose from? Can you still test it with a multimeter? Why not tear it's not like you can use it in the fashion it currently sits.
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