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I just need to know whats wrong with a new system build I have completed. I have just put together a new system comprising of a Gigabyte Motherboard a GA EX58 UD3R complete with 6gb of OCZ XTC Platinum 1333mhz Triple Channel memory and an Intel Core i7 930 CPU all running at stock speed. I installed Windows 7 x64 ultimate and everything is fine.

The problem I am having is that when I come to shutdown my system, the screen says its shutting down and for all intensive purposes my monitor then goes blank but my system does not do anything else, it stays on and even after 10 minutes, its all just the same?!

I have absolutely no idea what is causing this problem and am really annoyed?! Is it the motherboard? The memory? The Bios? I am at my wits end, and the only way I can switch off is to hold down the power button and switch off manually. I am worried that this may be damaging my system? And even after I have switced off everthing that way, the number lock light on my keyboard and the light inside my optical mouse both stay lit? Again I cannot figure out whats causing this?

I would be really grateful if anyone can give me some serious advice on this I have seen similar posts for similar problems from other people but nothing that could explain my problem?

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  1. sounds like something is hanging during the shutdown that prevents the OS to turn off.
    Try starting the computer in safemode and see if you can shut down through windows.
    If you can, then go through and disable all the programs from starting until you find which one is causing the issue
  2. And if that doesn't work, try replacing the power supply.

    What kind of PSU?
  3. Open a command window and enter powercfg - energy to run an audit on your system. It will tell you whats wrong and why its not going to sleep.

    A lot of non-sleep issues are caused by the graphics drivers, sound drivers, and are nothing you can do anything about. It could also be bios settings.

    My Intel X58 refuses to go to sleep still and I ended up putting a sleep icon on my desktop to force it to sleep. My issue is my PCI sound card...
  4. Have tried to reboot in safe mode and I just get stuck at the Teal coloured windows is shutting down screen

    Have tried my PSU in a friends rig running windows 7 and its fine!

    And Have totally uninstalled and reinstalled all my sound and graphics drivers to no avail either, I think its a BIOS problem and I am a newbie at all this and don't know what to do? How easy is it to ro;; bios back, and is it a risky process as I have heard it can screw up your rig if your not careful?

    Or could it be my chipset drivers?

    This is worse than having an itch you can't scratch!!!!
  5. chipset drivers you can find from the motherboard website.
    to reset the BIOS, all you need to do, is unplug the PC, and take out the CMOS battery thats on the motherboard. Wait a few minutes, and put it back in. This will set the BIOS to its factory default.

    Some BIOS' have a feature that says something similar to 'software shutdown' or something...
    you could try to look for that through the settings and see what you get
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