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I just finished building my own computer and now that it runs well, I'm looking for good speakers. I own the Logitech Z2300 speakers, and I love them, but I use them for music and movies on my TV downstairs. I hooked them up on my newly built desktop and liked they way they sounded in games for the front 180 degrees that my character was facing. Anything that happened behind my character in game sounded like it was coming from the front, since it's only a 2.1 system.

I have a desk that doesn't encircle me with no way of mounting a 5.1 system around me since there are no walls close to the desk. So a 5.1 system is out.

My question is that is there a 2.1 system out there that works well for games or should I just blow money on headphones? I would greatly prefer just getting the 2.1 system, since I'll have to buy it anyways for music
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  1. razer mako
    creative t3
    logitech z-2300
  2. note that the bass on the logitech is poor. loud, but flabby, and can only boom.
  3. I would say a refurbed Logitech Z-Cinema or iFi on ebay or an e-tailer. The first is around $80-100 and the latter pops up from time to time.
  4. ye actaully ye i agree, i think the logitech z-cinema will be better then the z-2300.
  5. I've never looked into a Z-Cinema, I see a refurbished one for $90, is a refurbished worth it? Or would that greatly cut into the lifespan of the product?
  6. not really, some dealers mention the conditions of its refurbishment, you could always returns it, if the condition is unwanted.

    but generally, it shouldnt affect the lifespan of the product.
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