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I am currently running a lenovo t500 2055 w76 and am wanting to run 2 external monitors and the main screen at the same time (totally 3 displays). I have tried using a USB to VGA convertor but several issues come up. First off Windows 7 aero doesn't like the usb monitor. Also in the display settings I have no control over the USB monitor. Also any screen that has a flash based webpage open (which most pages these days have some sort of flash) have a stobe effect when mousing over any portion of the page
Long story short USB didn't pan out
The question I have is whether there is a way to activate both the ATI and the Intel graphics card at the same time, whether there is a third party driver for the ATI to activate both the display port and the VGA, or am I looking at investing in a docking station to execute my goal

Thanks to any and all replies in advance
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  1. I'm not sure about activating the VGA and DP ports at the same time...I'd know if it was a digital connection, but I'm not sure on the technicals of analog video output. I'd just fool around with it for a while. The worst that could happen is it not working.

    You can, though, use the Matrox Triple Head2go DP edition to get yourself up to 3 monitors from your single DP connection.
  2. Well ive tried everything I know, problem is trying to activate both the intell internal graphics and the ATI and having recognition doesn't work...I know the display port is a digital port, that can also support USB on monitor and audio, as well as two way communications between the graphics card and device...but for right now I get a choice between the wall mounted monitor on the VGA port or the side mounted monitor on the display port, nothing going for both at this point
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