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Okay, I have finally decided to go 1700 XP with 3200 corsair. I have found out that it is possible to oc fsb as long as it's in synch with your memory. Now a question here is, if the ASUS a7n8x deluxe can only support up to 333mhz fsb, then does this mean I can't overclock past 166??? I won't have my ASUS A7N8X Deluxe for another week, and this may come off pretty stupid, but for knowledge sake.... how exactly do you go about overclocking.... Bios then...

How are stock speeds determined? and when overclocking what do you raise? and I see numbers like 180 x 10, these are...

I am to be using a left over 80gig Maxtor 7200 rpm, not sure on the mb cache. A guy I ran across said if it isnt listed assume 2mb's. Well my question here is there is much more to system then just the cpu..... should I look into a new serial ata or is this just rediculous?

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  1. The rule is that your memory FSB must always be the same or higher than your CPU FSB. The bios might support increases above 333FSB but unless you have some amazing cooling on your chip, you will not really be able to overclock a 1700+ beyond 333MHz FSB. If I was you I would go with PC2700 Corsair and a better CPU (2500+ if possible) since the memory will never run @ 400MHz unless you plan on getting another board (KT400 perhaps?)

    In general most overclocking is done in the bios nowadays (some boards are better than others for this). I would start by increasing the clock speed and seeing where you get to before your PC becomes unstable. The big gains come with increasing the FSB hence getting a 2500+ (or above) with a factory 333 FSB and running that synchronously with your mem @ 333 as well would be better than overclocking a 1700+ which is natively less powerful to start with.

    this will not be a popular comment but unless you actually enjoy the challenge of getting the most out of your chip via overclocking it is just not worth the cost; instead of spending loads on advanced cooling, that extra cash could be spent on getting a better CPU in the first place and having a cooler more stable system.

    As far as the hard disk - unless you do much video editing or some other intensive task, serial ATA is a waste of time at the moment - especially since your maxtor is probably UATA133. If you really want more speed go for RAID which will then double your hard disk space as well.

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  2. The nForce2 boards can often be overclocked to about 200mhz, but with the A7N8X there is a few things you can do to make it much more stable (im not exactly sure what tho). Memory can be run faster than the FSb, but if your overclocking you dont want your mem to run much more than 400mhz, anyway, asynchronous (sp?) memory/FSb speeds are sometimes slower than synchronous ones. Im pretty sure if you HDD is labeled 'Special Edition' then it has 8mb Cache - either way it is very fast and there is no point in upgrading that.

    Oh and BTW, nice choice in processor, I dont think youll get it to 200FSB, but you will surely get close.

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  3. Do you know what the Tbred B's are capanle of? My 1700+ is sat here overclocked, undervolted at 1666mhz (not that good, but I dont need a system). With PASSIVE cooling it idles at 33C and gets to about 46C under load. If I use active cooling on a CRAPPY ALUMINIUM HSF, I get 29/36C temps.

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