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Hi everyone, i had a question hopefully someone can shine some light on. I was watching a youtube video that some guy had a 16 monitor display spanning his desktop over all 16 screens, how is that possible? I have seen TV walls and things of that nature projecting the same picture on a bunch of screens by splitting the signal over and over. But how would you do this with a PC and span the picture across all displays? To my knowledge with only one machine you could only do 8 max displays, granted you had a 4x PCI-e motherboard and 4x Dual DVI-out video cards, but how would you do more then that?
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  1. I don't know about 16, but you can watch the Eyefinity Tech demo with 24 screens. Currently Eyefinity only supports 3 monitors. Very soon now it'll support up to 6 (the demo is based on 4x of the 5870 Eyefinity 6, hence 24). There is no word on when or even if it'll ever do 24 for consumer based applications.

    Much better solution then just extended desktop mode which is what you'd get with your 8x dvi outs. In Eyefinity the screens are all treated as a single large surface with ultrahigh resolution.

    3x 1920x1200 is treated as a single 5760x1200. (currently possible)

    The demo is running @ 11520x4800 for a little over 55 million total pixels.
  2. Probably using a series of Matrox video cards and display related device. They are known for that.
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