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I have a Dell Latitude running Windows XP. Because I suck as a typist, I am always hitting accidental key combinations that do unexpected things. I never want to navigate away from what I'm writing by using a key combination. Where can I learn these mappings and disable the unwanted ones?
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  1. Can you be a little more specific about what shortcuts? A lot of key combination's are stored within the application you are running. i.e. Shift+Tab Ctrl+Shift+Tab in mozilla to navigate open tabs. These are generally disabled/enabled in the options of the program or through add-ons in the Firefox case.

    If they are windows shortcuts see the following:

    Usual warning's for editing the registry apply, back-up the registry before you make changes.

    If they are function combination's its likely the companies software bundled with the machine.
  2. Thanks, thephilly. I'll check out the microsoft link. I don't know whose key combinations they are because they are accidental. I do know that the same problem occurs in various applications, both in mozilla and IE, which is why I think it's an XP thing.

    You have to edit the registry to change key mapping? Who thought of that?

    Again, thanks for your help.
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