BSOD stop code 3b, unclear cause

I have been getting a BSOD every couple days. The error is a system_service_exception with stop code 3b. (STOP: 0x0000003b (0x00000000C0000005, 0xFFFFF9600010D010, 0XFFFFF88E011B40, 0x000000000000)

To explain further, I have had this exact same error on TWO different computers, one of them completely new, while running the same combination of programs/drivers. They are both Stop code 3b with Parameter 1 the same, 0x00000000C0000005 (though Parameter 2 and 3 are different for each time the BSOD comes up). The two computers have different graphics drivers, so I believe graphics drivers can be ruled out as the problem (one is a AMD Radeon 6750M, the other is an Intel HD Graphics 4000). The graphics drivers are also updated. They are both running Windows 7, one is a Lenovo ThinkPad x1 Carbon, the other is a Macbook Pro running Bootcamp (I blamed bootcamp for the problem, which is why I got the new computer, but it seems that it is not the problem).

In both cases, I am running a 30" external monitor via a DVI-D to Displayport adapter, made by Accell (with additional USB powering). I believe this may be the problem, because after several days not using the monitor I did not have the crash. This is not conclusive though, because it normally only crashes every 2-5 days, but I think it may be a good place for a knowledgeable person to start. However, I used the computer for many months without any crashes with this external monitor, and it has only been crashing in the last month.

I am also running a Logitech external trackball mouse and have a somewhat new Brother printer and it's associated drivers. I have Nod32 ESET antivirus, updated to the most recent version. I'm also using a program that uses a PostGreSQL database, and am running several applications at a time (not graphics intensive but I believe it does use up a fair amount of resources). For the most part, the crash has only happened after a couple hours of use. I have had all of these things installed and running on both computers when they crashed.

According to BlueScreenView, on both computers the error is caused by driver win32k.sys, caused by address win32k.sys+7d010. The crash address is ntoskrnl.exe+7efc0.

My plan is to keep using the computer(s) without the external monitor, and see if they ever crash. If the monitor is the cause, I would hope for some solution that would allow me to use the monitor (I'd be willing to buy a new adapter if it might make a difference).

I can't figure out how to upload the .dmp file, so you can find it here on another post of mine:

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  1. Doesn't the monitor have a DVI-D input port? Ihave a 30" monitor and it has DVI-D , and Display port connections and I waas debating about connecting the monitor by DVI-D or Display Port since my video card has both. However after looking at the specifications of the video card it says that in order to have 2560x1600 resolution you have tio connect by DVI-D.
    You are using intergrated graphics to connect to this 30" monitor and the intergrated graphics may say that they support 2560x1600 but you might have to use the DVI-D connection and not an adaptor or try running 1920x1080 for awhile to see if you still get blue screens.
    If you can post what ports the monitor has.
  2. I'm not sure exactly what you mean. The monitor has DVI-D, which is what I'm using, but the laptops both have display port only. So the DVI-D from the monitor is connected to the adapter which converts it into a display port signal (and USB for power) which is then connected to the laptop. The monitor runs at 2560x1600 without any problems (except potentially this BSOD)
  3. Have you tried running the monitor in 1920x1080 resolution to see if you still get the bsod. I have the GTX 680 and the specifications state that to run 2560x1600 you need to connect by DVI-D , your laptop has considerably less powerfull video so it stands to reason that it may have issues trying to run 2560x1600 since the connector on the laptop is display port.
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