PLS HELP! Buzzing sounds from Speakers

My Creative SBS A300 makes an audible buzzing sound wen I connect it to my PC's sound card even wen i'm not playin anything and the volume's not even way up.

The buzzing sound doesn't happen wen I plug it in to my cellphone and it was in the same position and/or location wen it buzzed connected to d PC. Another weird thing is that the speakers wud emitt an even louder BUZZ wen I touch the speaker's 3.5mm JACK.

If u look in da internet, u'll notice that I'm not the only one who has this problem and some got unlucky with their problem UNsolved.

I hope sumbody here haz a solution, better yet, sumbody who experienced dis b4
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  1. broken solder connection, broken track on circuit board, bad patch cable. what happens when you connect it to another audio source besides the sound card?
    the problem could be the sound card, may not be the speakers at all.
    no, you are not the only one having this problem, happens all the time when there is a broken connection on a circuit board, or a bad patch cable.
  2. hmmm..surprisingly, plugging it into the 3.5mm socket in the soundcard next to the blue socket fixed it.....oh well...I'll tell u once this hapens agen.. please PM me urs just in case I need to contact u about a similar problem
  3. Guys please don't publish your personal e-mail addresses as it just invites spammers. Moderator
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