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I have an Alienware M15x, and the only external display is a single HDMI output. I'm trying to connect two vga monitors to my laptop and was wondering what I should buy. I want to run it as an extended desktop. Would I need a single HDMI splitter with two HDMI-to-VGA converters or one HDMI-to-VGA converter with a VGA splitter? Is either possible? Suggestions?
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  1. A VGA splitter will split one VGA signal into two copies of the same signal - you can't drive two monitors off of it and have two different displays.

    HDMI can be converted to an analog signal, though - I would recommend you get an HDMI to DVI-D converter (or cable), and then get a cheap DVI to VGA converter. I couldn't find anything that converts HDMI directly to VGA.

    In order to get two or more monitors out of the single input, you'll need a digital monitor binder, like Matrox's Dual Head2Go or Triple Head2Go.
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    HDMI -> DVI -> VGA doesn't work.

    HDMI is pure digital, VGA is pure analog. DVI supports both because it has a different set of pins for each.

    HDMI converts to DVI-D but VGA converts to DVI-A. Assuming that the DVI to VGA adapter is the kind you get with video cards. Anything else would require some hardware to do the digital to analog conversion.
  3. Okay thanks guys. I hadn't realized initially that both monitors had DVI-D inputs on them because I was getting them from a friend.

    So I've decided to just use an HDMI to DVI-D adapter for one monitor and a USB to DVI-D converter for the other.
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  5. I wish I had read this before I went out and spent 50 bucks on an HDMI to DVI well as a DVI to VGA converter.... Seemed like a great idea at the time
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