Toshiba 43H70 43 in. Rear Projection Television

My Toshiba 43H70 43 in. Rear Projection Television's A/V inputs and ant 1 and 2 are not showing any thing is there a way to fix the issue without calling a professional to come out and fix it?
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  1. probably not any way to fix it without an electrical repair person.
    maybe it is a fuse.. maybe it is a fuse in the form of a circuit that has burnt up (or dried up).
    and if it isnt some type of fuse, then the preamp circuit board is probably shot.. or the electricity that powers the preamp input board is shot.
    most likely a thing due to age, or strongly opposed connections.
    but.. what exactly caused the problem is unknown.

    maybe the lamp is burnt out?
    maybe the inputs are okay and there is something else wrong.

    should be enough to have the electrical person have a go at it.
  2. the lamps are fine and it turns on and i can access the menu and all, but i plug my xbox into any of the a/v ports and nothing shows up on the screen. i beat it on the back of the tv and it was showing half the picture of the xbox 360 dashboard then i tried beatign it alittle more to maybe get the rest of the picture but then lost what i had. i think something may be loose from moving it around. my neighbor gave me the tv before they moved so im sure its not exactly the newest technology tv wise hehe
  3. you know what might have happened is,
    the input is bad for some reason and the top of the image was distorted so badly that the television decided not to display it at all.
    and when you seen the picture cut in half, it might have been a safety feature to prevent obnoxious electricity from making its way to the video output 'controller' .. as if it say, the television refused to play the distorted image because there might be extra voltages in there somewhere that could damage the controller.. so instead of playing the video, there was a function that cut the video in half (maybe software function) and what you seen was the result.

    the circuit as a whole might be collapsed because there is a loose connection somewhere.
    maybe there is half of a circuit that is collapsed, causing the other half of the circuit to work double time.. and it got really hot, enough to melt a soldered joint.. and now you have a loose connection.

    maybe you find the loose soldered joint and apply some solder.. and if the circuit is working double time still.. it will only get hot and melt the solder again.
    that is why it is crucial to do a circuit test.
  4. unds like a heck of an idea but i think im probly gona call around and find someone affordable to fix it hehe cause i dont have the soldering tools for circuit boards. i tried to fix my subwoofer for my phillips hometheater system with the soldering iron i have and killed it further hehe. it had shorted out due to moisture getting on the circuit board year before last
  5. my neighbor fixed it hehe there was a few parts loose so he reconnected them hehe thanks for you help and advice
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