Refurbished speakers vs new ones?

Hello, I posted another topic looking for a solid gaming 2.1 system, and a suggestion was the Logitech Z Cinema. I own a Logitech Z 2300 and really like it, but was hoping for a system that might be even better for gaming.

2 questions:
1) Are Logitech Z Cinemas worth the money? Or is there another suggestion that you might have that would be better?
2) I found Logitech Z Cinemas refurbished for 90 bucks here: Are refurbished speakers of close to perfect quality or will there be major flaws in them that would make shelling out an extra $200 bucks for a new system worth it?

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  1. I just tried the Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 and they sounded much more crisp than the Logitech Z2300s, is that worth the money?
  2. Refurbished means they were returned products--somebody bought them at the store, and returned them. In turn, the store sent them back to the manufacturer, because they aren't allowed to resell opened products as new, and few stores will reserve shelf space for open-box items.

    It won't look pristine sure but if it were severely cosmetically damaged the manufacturer would not be sending them out to resellers.

    The Promedia 2.1s are better than the Z-2300s but the metal horn tweeters are a little bright IMO. The Z-Cinema uses traditional soft domes.
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