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Are there any recalls or class actions that affect the hp dv9703ca. My motherboard/graphics card and fan seem to be the major sources of a system that has basically crashed - a blank screen.

Terry E.
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  1. There were some, dealing with the nvidia graphics chips, and possibly some other issues, but it was settled and closed. Don't know of any new ones.
  2. A while back, around 3 years now, HP had a huge re-call of there HP DV2 and DV9 series laptops due to the GPU's(graphics chip) overheating and breaking. HP agreed to replace the laptops but this was about 3 years ago, so no chance of getting a replcement now. Your best bet, is to strip the laptop downa and sell it on eBay as spares/repairs and get a enw laptop. Some companys may still repair the fault but no telling it it will repeat.

    My mate got his HP DV9 laptop replaced by HP and still that broke 3 months later.
  3. In mid 2009 we had an HP dv2415nr laptop repaired under a "LIMITED WARRANTY SERVICE ENHANCEMENT", put out by HP. It covered certain laptops in the dv2000/dv6000/dv9000 series.
    I don´t remember there being an actual "recall" made by HP. In reality, it took quite a bit of digging in the web to find the service enhancement.

    Our laptop had been purchased in December 2007, and failed in June 2009 (18 months later), well past the time of its refurbished warranty (90 days). GPU is "Nvidia Geforce go 6150".

    HP took care of shipping, both ways, even provided the shipping carton, and the repair. All this took only about 7 days.

    The laptop has been working well since then. Most of the time it is used with a laptop cooler. It does not seem to heat up as before. I don´t know what was done to it when repaired.

    I was looking a the issue again, yesterday March 15-2012. And there doesn´t seem to be a trace left of any part of the process. Neither on HP, nor on Nvidia - whose chips are blamed for the problem (due to overheating). All the links I stored in Favorites come out empty. As well as those embedded in other pages.
    There was at least one class action suit, for what I have read. Don't know the results.

    Information in the web points to overheating of the GPU chips, as the cause of the problem - leading to defective solder joints. It also points to ways to remedy the situation, which can be applied "diy". A good example:

    http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Other-Notebook-PC-Questions/HP-Pavillion-dv2000-2351nr-won-t-turn-on/td-p/61143 (see the second post, also applies to dv6000/dv9000).

    To do this, the laptop must be disassembled almost entirely (in the case of the dv2000). These links might help:


    http://www.cesgeekbook.com/2010/01/hp-pavilion-dv2000-laptop-disassembly.html (link contained within previous one)

    Good luck.
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