Any tips for buying a 3d tv?

Hopefully I am going to purchase a 3d tv in next month.
Planning to invest around Rs 80,000/- and looking to have most advance feature 3d tv.

So could you advise me how to buy a 3d tv and which brand is having a best 3d tv?
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  1. I think these days LG is rocking with its 3d tv as it comes couple of months back in India.
    If you feel good then think of LG 3d tv.
  2. You can consider the LG LW6500 series of Cinema 3D TV, it's really good enough as compare to any branded 3d tv series available in India.

    LW6500 series 3d tv comes in two sizes i.e. 42 & 47 inches with true motion up to 200 Hz.
    but for this series you have to have to increase you budget, the price of Cinema 3D TV starts from Rs 95,000/-, but once you be part of LG Cinema 3D TV,
    I believe you will entertain a lot.... :)
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