Dell 1545 laptop shuts down when typing

When I begin typing my laptop simply shuts off. I restart the laptop and it returns to my page. I begin typing again and it shuts down. Sometimes it will allow me to type several words before shutting down...other times I can't get a word in. I did just replace the battery. A message does come up and has been coming up for months about not being able to recognize the ac adaptor.
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  1. First i will recommend you to run a PSA test.
    This is done by, turning on the computer, and press "F12" under POST.
    Then you'll get a boot menu, where you can choose, "Diagnostic"

    This will test most of your hardware for errors.

    Does it only shut down while typing?
    Maybe try reseat the keyboard.
  2. Thank You! I'll give it a try. How do I reseat the keyboard? Thanks again!
  3. I'm sorry for the late answer, if you still have the issue, i found i guide for you.

    There it's explained how to remove the keyboard.
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