Best slimline keyboard for gaming or gaming keyboard in general?


I'm currently looking to get a new keyboard for my gaming computer. Gaming is pretty much all I do on it with a bit of surfing the net. I like the feel of my laptop keyboard, and wanted to get a slimline keyboard for my pc as well.

Can anyone recomend any slimline keyboards that are good for gaming? But would also like to hear your opinions on gaming keyboards in general, cos they will probably better for gaming as they are gaming keyboards. ;)

Thanks a lot,

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  1. I use a Belkin n52te gaming pad, and find it indispensible..It allows you to perform all the extra functions such as changing weapons or using special abilities and the like while never removing your fingers from the primary movement keys...
    Most games use the F-keys or keys removed some distance from the WASD keys, which requires you to lift your hand from the movement keys to access the other functions...
    The N52/n52te allow you to program keys directly around the movement keys, which means you never lift your fingers from the movement keys..A significant advantage when split-seconds count, as in multiplayer gaming.
    You can program the key setup for different games, and the proper template loads automatically when running each game...Very handy feature.
    It's not a full KB, but has 15 programmable keys, a thumbpad, a scrolling mouse wheel, and 3 seperate selectable layouts which can be swapped out on the fly...That is, you can program every function 3 different ways and then select the different setups with the touch of a button on the controller..This provides a tremendous number of functions available...More that you will need for any game.
    As in any controller, you have to use it a couple of days to get used to it...But, once you've learned to use it, you'll feel crippled without it...The advantages over a regular keyboard in FPS games can't be overstated....It provides a significant advantage over players using a normal KB. With the n52, you can heal and change weapons while jumping sideways in the air and crouching, maintaining full movement control the entire time....You never lift your fingers from the movement keys while using other game functions. I don't have to explain the advantage afforded there to any FPS gamer.
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