How can I offload pictures from a digital camera to a flash drive?

I am traveling six months with no PC. Is there a way to download pictures from my digital camera directly to a flash drive?
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  1. Not that I know of. You would need to take a laptop with you as there's no way to connect an external storage device to a camera.

    Now if it was a camcorder, that would be a different matter since they have the necessary connections for an external portable media drive (wouldn't use a flash drive though, they are too unreliable for storing once in a lifetime pictures for six months).
  2. Generally, you may take out the memory card of your digital camera, connect both of this memory card and your flash drive to a same computer or laptop and then transfer the pictures. (Of course, you need a card Reader to connect this memory card.)
  3. There are many websites providing these services. It takes just a short time to upload the pictures, and most of the sites are free. You also can get features such as extra storage space, ad-free pages and higher image resolutions though you'll usually pay a fee for those extra features.

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