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hi. my computer has been very slow lately, dont know if its extra junk on it or what. can u help
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  1. Free programs that claim to speed up or clean your computer are a scam.
    Never load these things into your system.
    All you need to make windows run -- is what's on the windows disk.
    Use only a professional, all in one security program.
    Do not load mixtures of free security from the internet. It causes conflicts...
  2. windows disc clean up and defrag. ccleaner. super anti spyware. malwarebytes. adaware...............

    just a few apps but like the other guy said............ don't install the stuff that will say it speeds up your system. machines get slow because of cookies and malware/virus'. anything else they promise is hogwash.

    never install tool bars. say no when prompted when installing even "name brand" stuff ( yahoo tool bar for example, or yahoo search bar ).... you don't need it and don't need it running.

    turn off auto updates ans auto driver updates. if you're too stupid to do these things for yourself buy a console. also look for apps that auto update themselves.......... see what I had to say previously..........
  3. This is what i do All-In-One PC Optimization Suites:
    Don't want to download, manage and run numerous programs to keep your computer in tip top shape? No problem, here are the best choices in that category known as "suites". If you need step by step assistance consider How to Make Your Computer Run Like New in 4 Easy Steps or if your brand new computer is running sluggish try How to Optimize that New Computer.

    1: Advanced System Care
    Advanced System Care has been around for many years and we have used every version. This is truly an all in one suite allowing you to remove malware, clean your history, remove junk files, repair errors and much more. A pro version is available to add features but you will be happy with the free version.

    2: Glary Utilities
    Glary Utilities is lesser known than Advanced System Care and almost as good. Disk cleaner, registry cleaner, start up manager, file shredder, process manager, shortcuts to Windows tools, memory optimizer and much, much more. Also like Advanced System Care a pro version is available.

    Anti-virus Protection:
    Every computer has to have some sort of anti-virus protection. Luckily, you have a lot of great free choices. Of the top of our head we can think of at least five decent, FREE anti-virus programs. Yearly subscription? Why bother?

    1: Avira Free Antivirus
    Avira Free Antivirus has been around for a long time. Overall Avira has good speed, accurate detection and removal and has been consistently rated a 4.7 out of 5 by our readers. A professional version is also available.

    2: Microsoft Security Essentials
    Microsoft finally got into the game with free protection for all Windows users in 2010. While the detection and removal is very good, it is easily one of the slowest scanners out there. Not a great choice for power users.

    3: Avast! Free Edition
    Avast Free Edition is another free anti-virus that has been around for a long time. Effective, nice interface but it does seem to generate more false positives than others. Overall not a huge factor.

    4: Panda Cloud Antivirus
    Panda Cloud is one of our favorites. It is lightweight and easy to use. Actually, you will probably forget it is there. It does not have the best detection rate out there, but then again all anti-virus programs tend to go up and down in quality over time.

    Malware and Spyware Removal:
    Happens to everybody; your trusted anti-virus let something bad in. Here are some freebies to take care of the problem. If you need more help please visit our support forums.

    1: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
    Malwarebytes is one of our all-time top downloads and for good reason. It's simple, fast and effective. For a little over 20 bucks you can purchase full time protection so you don't get infected again. People rarely get infected once.

    2: IObit Malware Fighter
    Here is another very popular program from IOBit software. Like all free malware removal tools listed here you can scan and remove for free but a professional edition is available for full time scanning and other protection so this does not happen again.

    3: SUPERAntiSpyware
    SUPERAntispyware might not be as recognizable a name as IOBit or Malwarebytes but don't let that stop you. SUPERAntiSpyware has saved me a few times when other programs have failed to detect or remove a problem. Add this to your toolbox with the others.

    Update Your Drivers:
    The first thing any tech support person will tell you to do when you have a problem; update your drivers. Your computer hardware needs the latest drivers so everything can communicate properly and your computer can run at its best. You can look up and install drivers one at a time or use one of these program to simplify it.

    1: SlimDrivers
    SlimDrivers has consistently worked for me. It ends up taking quite a few reboots, which can be scary but so far it has not failed me. SlimDrivers offers to install some third party applications but you can opt out so pay attention during the install.

    2: Driver Sweeper
    Driver Sweeper has been around longer than most and has some neat features. Not only will it scan and remove for new drivers it also includes a backup manager. We also like the fact that it remembers where your desktop icons are. If you ever updated your video drivers and your desktop got rearranged then you will appreciate this.

    Free Up Hard Drive Space:
    The hard drives on computers have 2 problems; they tend to be the slowest part of the computer and they tend to fail more than any other part on your computer. We will be repeating this very important lesson over and over because it affects drive cleaning, defragmenting and backing up your computer. Get the extra junk off your hard drive and free up valuable space.

    1: CCleaner Slim
    CCleaner has been around and highly rated for many years. This is the one you want. It also has a start up manager, registry cleaner and shortcut to remove programs. It is easy to use and a pretty conservative cleaner. We have used it on literally hundreds of computers and never had a problem. A third party program called CCEnhancer is also available adding cleaning support for hundreds of programs.

    2: PC De-Crapifier
    Just bought a new computer? Is it running slow because it has a lot of applications already installed? This is all that PC-Decrapifier exists for. It is not a complete drive cleaner like CCleaner but instead the perfect first tool to run on your brand new computer.

    4: Wise Disk Cleaner
    Wise Disk Cleaner is a worthy competitor to all the other cleaners. It cleans a lot more files than most including a "slim down" mode that gets rid of a lot of junk like wallpapers and other Windows files you may never use. A Scheduler is also available to automate cleaning.

    Defragment Your Hard Drive:
    Read what we said above under Free Up Hard Drive Space. This also applies. Fragmented files are all over your hard drive slowing down access to your files. By defragmenting on a regular basis you maintain good hard drive health and performance. You need every advantage you can get in this area. Keep in mind that the Windows built in defragmenting tool is not very good.

    1: IObit SmartDefrag
    The IOBit name appears in the Top Freeware Picks more than once and for good reason. You can also get their defrag program in the above mentioned all in one suite, Advanced System Care but if you want to maintain your own computer with a handful of tools this is a great choice.

    2: Auslogics Disk Defrag
    Auslogics is another small company who has a range of excellent tools. You can simply install and run this or get a bit geekier with it by going through the advanced options. You want to do a thorough defragmentation of your hard drive at least once a month. Auslogics includes a scheduler as well.

    2: Defraggler
    Defraggler is brought to you by the same guys who created CCleaner. All 3 of these defrag utilities are excellent but if you have CCLeaner already and enjoy it then that might be a good reason to grab this one.

    Identify Your Hardware or Computer:
    Sometimes you might need to know what is inside your computer, often to help people diagnose problems, for example on our support forums. These tools can tell you what you need to know and often will save the information in a text file.

    1: - System Information is the same guy from and all of his utilities are free and 5 star programs so this is no exception. - System Information can pull basic, moderate and advanced information. Basic will work for most.

    Protect your computer with a firewall:
    Most computers today are well protected with Windows built in firewall (average) as well as a router which gives excellent hardware firewall protection. Here are a few choices for those who need an additional layer of protection. Because I rely on my router for protection, I cannot speak to the details but here are our top rated choices.

    1: Comodo Personal Firewall
    2: fireBwall
    2: Privatefirewall
  4. This is what i do All-In-One PC Optimization Suites:/quotemsg]

    Hi :)

    My shops DELETE 16 of those 20 as what we call CRAPWARE.... from EVERY CUSTOMERS MACHINE....

    Windows can look after itself perfectly well...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. the first thing we shut down and uninstall is Norton.
  6. If you are unsure how to do any of these steps, ask or look it up!
    If you are unsure what a program does, LOOK IT UP before you disable or remove it!

    1. Start resmon.exe, and see if anything spesific is holding up your computer more than it should. Stop or remove the program depending on what it is.

    2. Uninstall old programs you no longer need.

    3. Use msconfig.exe and disable any startup program or "non-microsoft" services you do not need to start automatically.

    4. Run disk defragmenter.

    5. Assuming you know little of removing malware: Finding a better antivirus program may help you solve the problem.

    6. If your computer STILL runs slower than it should, you may want to consider re-installing.

    7. Still slow? Perhaps it is time to buy a new and more powerful machine.
  7. Anonymous said:
    This is what i do All-In-One PC Optimization Suites:/quotemsg]

    Hi :)

    My shops DELETE 16 of those 20 as what we call CRAPWARE.... from EVERY CUSTOMERS MACHINE....

    Windows can look after itself perfectly well...

    All the best Brett :)
    :lol: :pfff: that's because you know what your doing and it's not crap it works for someone that may not know what their doing ;) Comodo Personal Firewall ,: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Avast! Free Edition,: Avira Free Antivirus,Microsoft Security Essentials Crap no i know better then that
  8. It happens because of heavy applications you've installed. If you don't use any programs or don't need them, uninstall them with IoBit Uninstaller. Try checking your CPU Clock and Clock ratio on the BIOS setup. Sometimes, default clock speeds and clock ratio can be very incompatible for new softwares and operating systems. Tweak them to the fullest. If you still need upgrades, try buying a internet security (Avast! I prefer) and scan the whole computer thoroughly and turn on real-time protection. If you still need anything more, try using the Iolo System Mechanic or Iobit Advanced System Care. If you are familier with computer languages, use the expert mode. I'm sure, it'll speed up your computer to some extent.
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