Should I worry?

my 2.8 GHZ P4 runs at over 50 degrees celcius when I'm running something both cpu and graphics intensive, I'm running on an asus P4PE motherboard, Geforce ti 4600, 512 DDR ram, a Lian-Li pc-60 aluminum case with 4 fans, and an enermax ATX-FMA 365, set on max, I've seen my temp go up to at least 55 and the core voltage can go up to 1.63 which seems really high... Is something wrong?
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  1. running a little hot, but nothing to worry about!
    rule of thumb, is its not stable, thens it not hot at all. Your cpu will let you know when its hot. :)

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  2. What are you using for a CPU heatsink/Fan?

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  3. That's definitely hotter then it should normally be. A 2.8 with retail heatsink and fan in a mid tower case with no extra fans should run around 40 celcius. What size case, and what heatsink and fans are you running?
  4. it's a lian-li pc-60 aluminum case. with the factory two front fans, rear fan and top fan, It's the factory intel heatsink which runs at 2700-2900rpm, could the Vcore is around 1.63 when idle and drops to around 1.58, or 1.55 when running at full
  5. My system is similiar to yours;
    P4 2.6, ASUS P4PE, GF4 ti4400
    Double inline fans on the power supply, rpm and cfm unknown
    One exhaust, two intake, Thermaltake adjustable fans.

    I'm not sure what programs your running but when I run CFS3 my cpu reaches 49 and when running Forgotten Battles it reaches 51. Both these games can give your machine a pretty good workout.

    According to the specs at intel, the thermal spec for the two 2.8 P4s is either 73 or are well below that.

  6. Should you worry... hey, there's lots of things to worry about in this world.

    Should you worry about a 2.4ghz CPU hittin 50c? naaa...

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  7. what do u mean the core voltage goes up? core voltage should remain pretty much stable, ive or take 0.02v or so. If you are getting fluctuating voltages then your mobo/psu isnt working as it should or the voltage sensor is all wrong.

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  8. acording to the Asus PC Probe, my core voltage usually varys from 1.632 to around 1.536 sometimes a little lower, it's usually around 1.632 when the computer is idle and then drop to around 1.536 when the cpu use is at 100%
  9. ASUS's probe has a big reputation for being VERY inaccurate.
  10. Get rid of asus probe.
    try something more reliable like motherboard monitor.
    If your voltages still fluctuate, then you have serious power regulation problems, due to eiether the mobo or the psu.

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  12. can anyone recomend a good motherboard monitor?
    and thanks alot for all the imput
  13. MBprobe - very easy, and doesnt have all of the inbuilt crap of Motherbaord Monitor + reads temps from bios.

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  14. thanks for the recomendation, I just downloaded mb monitor and withen 5 minutes of having it running the high/low for the vcore was 1.63 to 1.53V, My computers less then two months old, should I consider returning the power supply unit? or could the problem be the motherboard, and is there any way to find out which one is causing the problem
  15. VCORE is not generated in your powersupply. It's taken from a power supply voltage and created by a regulator on your motherboard. If the other voltages are witin 5% of ideal, it's most likely a motherboard problem.

    BUT... and let me stress this please ... DO NOT rely upon software to accurately measure voltages. Get a tech to go through your board with a voltmeter before you do anything... the SMB (System Metrics Buss) is not a calibrated measuring instrument, it's only real value is to alert you if something changes.

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