Better browser google chrome or firefox

what do u guys think, or are there others better than these two. ill say firefox.Firefox is more secure (with add-ons like firefox has NoScript.xtension galore and extreme customizability .Most features in Chrome a ripoff from Firefox. Hence, more user friendly add ons present in Firefox.
2. Works in almost all major platforms without crashing like Chrome.
3. One installation works for all users unlike Chrome.

firefox is faster, gogole chrome gets annoying when it gives you suggestions when you type in a site, cause you could be thinking of a completely different site.
firefox is more user friendly.
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  1. Hi :)


    All the best Brett :)
  2. I prefer Firefox.
  3. Firefox with adblock plus and ghostery!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Firefox.
  5. I use Chrome... Didn't think that would be the unpopular opinion :lol:.
    I like its minimalist interface, and they way it doesn't baby the user.
    If I close the browser, I am well aware I am going to lose all the tabs. After all, I did just close it. Hate the way that Firefox opens up all the tabs from the last time I browsed.
    Also its sense of humour, love the way when you look at the memory usage of tabs and background processes you can get more info by clicking the descriptively labeled "stats for nerds".

    Also I have used Chrome on multiple systems and never experienced issues of crashing(Wanna see crashing? Try Firefox on Windows 8, Chrome is fine). I think in total Chrome has crashed on me 3 times in the 2yrs I'v been using it.
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