[GPS] Possible to transfer maps from one Magellan GPS to another?

I have two Magellan GPS units (Roadmate 5120 LMTX and Roadmate 1470). The 5120 gets lifetime free map updates, and I just updated it. However, the older unit does not get free map updates. I know there is a legal angle to this, but I'm asking this question for technical purposes:

Is it possible to transfer the map data from one Magellan GPS unit to another model of Magellan GPS unit? If so, how can it be done? Thanks!
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    It is against your terms of service on your 5120. Your map licensing is per GPS unit.
  2. Update: Even though the GPS unit was out of warranty, Magellan gave me a one-time replacement with a refurbished unit which is working very well now.
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