Dead computer? No lights but fans run

My parents computer recently stopped working. So I came down to check it out and its very strange.

Push the power button and nothing happens. So I unplug the power cable and plug it back in. The CPU fan and power supply fan start running without my pushing the power button again and they wont go off unless I unplug the power cable. No lights come on and no drives begin working. No indication of power to anything but the fans and they cannot be turned off.

Anyone have any ideas? Am I looking at a power supply problem or something else?
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  1. start pulling cards and see if that's an issue. pull your ram and video (one at a time) and see if you get an error beap. Also what kind of processor is the system? I have seen the 12v 2x2 connector go bad several times on cheaper power supplies. If that happens on a P4 the system won't boot.
  2. In a computer that was previously functioned, this is most often caused by a dead CPU.

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  3. Could be a CPU or a motherboard (you might want to look for any bulging capacitors on the MB).

    With all the cards out, Ram out, and all the drive cables disconnected. Just motherboard, CPU, power supply and front panel (and power to the floppy so your PSU has a load) should give you constant beeps (no ram message) If you don't get any beeps, then either the CPU, MB or PSU is bad.

    Now, what kind of computer is this? because I can't tell you how many Compaq Presario 5000 computers have come into the shop to be fixed and had bad motherboards.
  4. sounds like your motherboard has died..

    I'm out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message.
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