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My Dell Vostro 1000 turns on with black screen
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  1. I own an ASUS G2S SERIES NOTEBOOK AND IT HAS FAILED DUE TO THE 8600 NVIDIA CHIP INSIDE. All I get is a black screen but PC is booting fine. I can hear it and had set it to shut off when I press the power button. It started with the no screen every once in a while and now it has not come on for over a week. I have written asus and called them and no reply or help since early last year 2009. My warranty officially ended 10-1-09 and still a dead laptop screen. I have read all about the NVIDIA problem and I want in on any lawsuit that nmay be hjappening. Please help us consumers get our money back or get our machines fixed. I paid 2200.00 for mine. I have tried over and over to get ASUS to reply or help and they turned their backs on me. I am pissed and want to file a lawsuit or get in on one that is currently ongoing.

    Dave Simmons
    SLC, UT
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