Static using dvd player after Direct TV HDMI installed

after getting Direct TV with Hi Resolution (HDMI) installed I get static noise when attempting to play the dvd player. Everything was fine before. I am using RCA and coax input/outputs from the DVD player to the TV. Are these susceptible to rf interference? the system was fine before the Direct TV was hooked up.
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  1. of course they are susceptible to interference.
    inteference might not be the problem.
    it could be too many things connected to the television.
    it could be a ground loop coming into the television from the new satellite box.
    a ground loop in the television itself from two different things connected.

    if the rca cables were working just fine before, maybe you should keep them and try a different HDMI cable.
    if that doesnt work, ask for a new receiver.
    if that doesnt work, try a power conditioner that specifically says something about isolating everything to their own grid.
    if that doesnt work..
    maybe the dvd player is the problem.

    reality of the situation..
    maybe the rca cables are junk.
    it could be something else.

    if you are gonna go buy some new cables.. get both the hdmi and the rca.
    whichever one doesnt help.. bring it back for a refund.
    and start looking at the dish receiver, the dvd player, and the television.

    i think if you leave the television as the last source to rule out.. you will be much more happy with getting rid of it.

    dont think twice about using a different connection from the dish receiver.
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