USB to parallel not working in Windows 7

I recently built a new Core i5 system with Windows 7 Professional. I had planned to hook up my old HP Deskjet 816c printer using a USB to parallel cable (Link Depot).

Once I plug the cable in, Windows 7 recognizes it as an IEEE-1284 controller and automatically installs the appropriate driver. However, in the status window it reports the following:

"USB Printing Support -- Ready to use"
"No Printer Attached -- Ready to use"

When I then go ahead and manually add the printer using the "virtual printer port for USB" I can add the printer seemingly without problem. Once finished, it appears in the Devices and Printers panel. Yet, all attempts to print on this printer fail. It appears that simply no data is sent to the printer (either by programs like word or adobe or by attempting to print a test page.

Does anybody know how to fix this?
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  1. Interesting addendum: When I checked 'System Information' --> 'Printing' I get the following message:

    "Can't Collect Information
    Cannot access the Windows Management Instrumentation software. Windows Management files may be moved or missing"

    I wonder if this is a problem caused by trying to install this printer or if it is the reason the printer is not working (or maybe the two issues are unrelated).
  2. Second addendum: I am also unable to get the printer to run through my DNS 323 (even though it is recognized as a network printer) or on my Laptop running Windows XP.
  3. Anybody got any ideas at all? I'm about to give up and spring for a new printer. :(
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