Windows 7 64 Bit & Gigabyte Drivers Compatable?

Alright, so today I installed windows 7 64 bit because i upgraded to 6GBs of ram. I put in the driver disk for my mobo and went to install them and only the dynamic energy saver installed. No matter how many times i installed the rest of the drivers they do not actually get installed. Any ideas?
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  1. i'd honestly not bother w/ disks.
    Go to the products websites, and make sure each driver is for Win7
    XP drivers won't work at all, and vista drivers will work, but aren't 'optimized' for Win7
  2. I dont bother with installing hw drivers from CD they are often betwen months to years old and obsolete.
    Nice thing with W7 is that it install about any driver you need from instalation CD and or update. All you would need is to download latest driver for graphic card, chipset and eventually soundcard unless you using some nonstandard device that w7 dont know about.
  3. Depending on the model of motherboard and CPU, you probably have either an Intel or Nvidia chip set, hardware Win7 will already have drivers for as you found out. As arges86 suggests, you may want to try either the Motherboards or the Chip sets manufacturers site(s) for the absolute latest drivers... But unless it's bleeding edge new, you should be good to go!
  4. alright guys thanks for the advice. i have all my drivers up to date
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