i just unlocked my 1800+

i am quite new around here. I just unlocked my CPU, a t-bred A 1800+ by shorting the L1 bridges. Fortunately, most of the multipliers seem to have been opened. I fiddled with different settings. Got stable OC at 10.5*178, 11*169, 11.5*162 (Default Multiplier), 12*154 and 14*133. The only problem is whatever multiplier i set it to, I have to set the FSB so that i get a max speed of 1870MHz. ANy more than that and system wont boot. that sucks. I was thinking of hitting atleast 2000MHz.

Btw, here's my system specs:
Athlon XP 1800+ T-bred A (Vcore set at 1.7V, ASUS Probe displays 1.76V)
Asus A7V8X mobo KT400 chipset
2*256MB DDR333 RAM
volcano 6Cu HSF
Asus GF4 MX 440
80GB IBM Deskstar HDD
500W (422W True Power) PSU

My CPU idle temp is 45-46C and full load temp hits 52-53C, and when running Prime95, hits the roof at 59C :eek: . any suggestions to improve? dont start with the HSF coz thats the "best" i cud get around here. and yes, i am upgrading my AGP as soon as i can lay my hands on a 9700Pro.
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  1. Post in the overclocking section.

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  2. the tbred a cores were notoriously bad oc.. very few got them past 1.8GHz so i suspect you have justhit as far as yours will go

    I'm out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message.
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