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Does anyone know when Intel is scheduled to release a 800MHz FSB Xeon? I assume that it will use Springdale, rather than Canterwood, chipset. Rumor is the Canterwood P4 will be released around April 17th, and the Springdale about a month later. How long will it take to see a Xeon version of these chip/chipsets? My company wants to buy me a new workstation soon, but I want to hold out for the 800FSB.

Anyone have any info? I have done plenty of searches on Google but couldn't find a good answer regarding Xeon and 800 FSB.
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  1. Canterwood is scheduled to debut 14th April. Springdale will only be around a month later. With Canterwood should be the 3.2Ghz, 800Mhz P4. But as to Xeons, I don´t think there´ll be 800Mhz FSB Xeons for a while... And I don´t think Canterwood will support dual processor configurations - which is, after all, the purpose behind the Xeons anyway.

    If you still want a solid workstation, I can bet you can get a single-processor configuration using Canterwood and the 3.2Ghz, 800Mhz P4 with HT and all the bells and whistles (like RAID, great graphics card, 3GB of low latency DDR400, 1.5Gb per channel, enhanced-performance memory controller from Intel (PAT)) that´ll really perform as if you had traded in your soul with the devil for a computer... (sorry, can´t come up with a better expression!)... I don´t expect it (canterwood) to be a flop at all, as you can see...

    Oh, and you could also go with a multiple-cpu Opteron System. That should be great also, but I´m slightly skeptical... These constant delays from AMD make me worry a bit about their capacity to deliver on everything they´ve promised and advertised for years regarding x86-64. You could simply wait two or three weeks and see how Opteron and Canterwood turn out to perform and make your decision then! It´ll certainly be the best of times to make that decision, unlike now.
  2. As i know XEON are moving to 667 FSB due to unstability of DDR 400 or you can believe people around and buy a P4 3.2 with DDR 400.

    Xeon will stay on 533 fsb for a very long time.

    Canterwood or springdale do not support dual CPU but canterwood support ECC memory.

    a 2.4 533 fsb are offer at a good price and they performe very well with HT but be sure to have a earlie version of your software or have all the lastest patch as P4 need a '''''special''' compiling

    [-peep-] french
  3. juin, let me get this straight: what is the cause of instability: <b>(1)</b>The 800Mhz FSB or <b>(2)</b>The DDR400 dual-channel memory?

    If you tell me that Canterwood will have stability issues, then I think I might just ask you how you know that... How can you be so sure? The boards are not even out yet! Presumably, Intel is putting a lot of effort into i875 and i865... would they really release a chipset with serious stability issues or are you saying it´s not stable enough for a server?

    From where do you get your info, anyway?
  4. 1 Server use PC 2100 or PC 1066 form rambus on 4 GB and others you need supra stable ram DDR 2700 can fit with good boards but use in 16 GB or 1 tetrabytes become close to impsosible or use on seperate boards to less noise and path..

    800 fsb have nothing to do with unstability.Try use 4GB of DDR 400 try to make it work close to imposible.Intel specification for DDR 400 use 2,6 volt wich increase stablility also they are suppost to use 5NS chip and BGA package only and good quality PCB and connecteur.2 intel specification for C/RAS lantency is at 4-3 or 3-3 not 2 or so like DDR-2 533 use 4 cas or worse.Samsung say also that older DDR 400 maybe unstable to use on canterwood.Twinmos 4.3ns will help on big ram systmes or be able to use at faster timing will small amount.

    To you last question just ask yourself why Xeon are moving to 166 fsb and why HP or IBM still use PC 2100 or Pc1066 they are all using 133 mghz ram cell.Actuale ram cell got pretty bad internal clock even DDR-2 is built for conter this issue.

    I875 or I865 are made by intel they will force standart

    [-peep-] french
  5. If I got this straight, then lots of DDR400 is hard to manage, right? Maybe over 1GB or so... I can understand that. I think things should get much better once Canterwood is established, then... Right?
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