Computer Won't Boot To Windows with SSD drive

I cloned my Laptop HDD (120Gb) via Acronis to a 120Gb SSD (Kingston). I checked the SSD after cloning and all the files seem to be there. I replaced the HDD with the SSD and I get a WIndows 7 message Status:0xc000000e and Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible.

I went to BIOS setup and the Kingston drive was listed as No2 after DVD/CD drive as boot drive. I moved it to No 1 position and tried again. Same result. I googled the issue and others seem to have problems with SSD drive replacements. ANyone got an answer
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  1. is the controller set to AHCI mode?
  2. The SSD is set as No. 2 in the boot order, but you have to set the SSD as a primary driver.
  3. Use the windows DVD's Startup repair :). with the HDD unplugged

    Chances are the boot device for windows is still set to the hard drive and since the SSD is a different drive that is causing the problem.

    Unlike the old days, the system reserved partition is in control of booting the os(es), So when you swap drives it seems to get confused.

    The way around this would have been to add the SSD's windows drive to the old windows boot loader with something like easyBCD before cloning(and after make sure the drives letter stays what it was in easyBCD) then you could have selected Windows 7-2 or whatever you call it on the operating system select screen for the SSD.

    The windows 7 repair disc(Or the Windows7 install disk) will do this all for you(and FASTER) :)

    You just want to use Startup Repair and no install options. You can make a repair disc from any Windows 7 system

    here is how if you do not have a Windows 7 DVD

    The only time this will be an issue, Is if you had Windows 8 installed, because of that, I can NOT use the Windows 7 repair disc any more because my boot loader is not Windows 8. I can always clone a 7 loader from another system back and use the repair to fix it too.
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