Video playback issue

hey there ,

i have a windows 7
home premium installed on my sony vaio laptop ,
4GB Of ram ,
i5 processor
and an ATI RADEON HD 5650

the 1st issue is mainly affecting the video playback
either while playing a movie on windows media player
or while palying a game , the game it slef works just fine but the game movies are either
lagging , skipping or failing to syncronized sound playback with video playback
this issue is affecting each and every game i had tried , and it's affecting only the movies
with minor lagging is some specific games ( modern warfare 3 , crisis )

all of those games and game movies used to work extremely well , then it all suddenly changed
it started to affect some games , then gradually inctreased untill i had them all affected

the second issue is regarding palying videos on windows media player
the viedos are all affected with the same thing as the game movies
skipping , lagging , or failing to sync sound with viedo playback or ( specially when srt is on )

as well they used to work well before , then it all suddenly changed

i am sure it's not a hardware issue , because i had downloaded a 3rd party codec, player called purecodec
and it worked well with all of my video files

the basic troubleshooting folloewd was
scaning for viruses , spywares , uninstalling - re installing codecs , updating drivers , checking hardware components
( ram , vega , harddrive ), even putting my installed windows on recovery mode ( i didnt install another version of windows 7
just recovered my existing one on my hard disk )
yet issue still not resolved

i would love to know how to get this issue resolved
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  1. As a test, create a new Windows user account to see if it does the same things on that new account.
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