Repairing dr dre beats

My son purchased Dr Dre's Solo HD Beats....The headband has cracked and needs to be replaced. Has anyone used a service for repairs that is reputable?
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  1. Get him Grado SR60i.

    Dr Dre's Solo HD Beats is, well, how can I put it nicely. Under performing acoustically for its price at a concerning level.

    Dr Dre's Solo HD Beats graph here:

    Grado SR60i graph here:

    If you compare the two graph, you can see how the Dr Dre's headphone underperform, especially bad on freq over 1000Hz. That response freq of the Dr Dre's headphone is more comparable to a $30 most basic pair Sennheiser HD 202:
  2. Well, I do agree with Pyree, if you end up having to pay for the repair, just replace them. If they're under warranty, just contact Monster.,default,sc.html
  3. My sons dre beats solo have also cracked. Would love to know if i can get them repaired.
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