Wierd question in WinXP during install process(?)

Hi all,

I've got a funny question. During the install process (repair WinXP), I choose to repair (r) my current win install, and I choose what partition I wanna use for win, then the installprogram ask fo my admin password, and I don't use/have a admin or other pass, I'm the only user of that computer? What pass does it want.

ps. The problem is solved, I just wonder about that pass :)

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  1. Usually if it asks for a password and you don't recall setting one up, just it the 'ok' button - since nothing is the password.

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  2. You are well aware that it's in the dos-like prompt that it askes for the pass? But next - if there will be a nexttimer - I'll try it :)

    Real men don't do backup...
    ...real men cry ALOT!

    Linux RoxX
  3. It depends on the operating system you are running. WinXP Home Edition -- no administrative password. WinXP Professional -- a password is requested for the administrative account during setup, or for the main user that will be given administrative privileges.


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