I'm building a surveillance system for some small computer clusters and I'm having trouble finding the right cameras for the job. I've been focusing most of my attention on the AXIS cameras but have recently stumbled across some d-link cameras that are substantially lower in price. I've been finding it very difficult to locate some legitimate reviews on d-link cameras and I really need to know how they compare to the AXIS cameras. The two specific models I've been looking at are the AXIS P3354 fixed dome cameras and the D-Link DCS-6112 indoor dome IP camera.

The camera that would be best for the job must have Power over Ethernet and motion detection would be preferred but that can be part of some software. There are two rooms that I will need the cameras for and their dimensions are 21'3" x 21'3" and13' x 30'. Audio support is not needed.

Some input on these two cameras would be greatly appreciated, or even about some other cameras that will be great for a surveillance system along with any additional accessories.
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    The place to start would be the specifications on these two products.

    Try this site for info:

    BTW, in the US, it is illegal to record audio without the documented permission of the participants.
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