Can I update my Toshibe Satellite A505-S6985 processor from T6600 to T9600, and will the upgraded processor produce more heat to the laptop?
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  1. Here is your laptop:
    Chipset type : Mobile Intel GM45 Express
    And T9600 supports its chipset.
    But T9600 will run hotter than your T6600 and will have a lower battery life also if your laptop is still under warranty then self-upgrading the CPU will void the warranty
  2. Is there a better Processor than the T9600 that will fit in the GM45 Express, am trying to do this in the best way I can, I researched the web and saw the i3, i5 & i7 new intel series 2010 processors, do you recomend any of these if they fit the GM45 Express chipset?

    Thanks for your reply.
  3. i6M and i7M CPUs require HM55/HM57/PM55/QM57 and QS57 chipset and won't run on GM45 chipset
  4. I believe I will do this upgrade, is there a way I can upgrade my cooling fan, or is there a better add-on solution other than those cooling pads?
  5. I am not sure about upgrading your cooling fan,and i don't think there are any better solutions than cooling pads
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