AMD just released 533MHz FSB Athlon!!!

:wink: APRIL FOOLS!!!!!

Hey, it is still the first in Alaska...... (I Just got off work)

Water cooling is for the weak. Get liquid nitrogen.
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  1. I think we still have time for some april fools jokes from American Samoa and Hawaii.

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  2. By the time AMD has 533 FSB Intel will have 1.2 Gig.
  3. And your point? By that time, AMD might have come out with another superior product. Lets just say a K6-3+ overclocked to 600 MHz with 150 Memory speed out-performs a Pentium III 1 GHz Coppermine (the thing is still running). So as anybody will point out, even Pentium fanboys (if they are worth a damn) that clock speed isn't everything.

    Water cooling is for the weak. Get liquid nitrogen.
  4. Kinda funny how so many people say that clock speed isn't everything....and you are right. Clock speed isn't what sells so many Intel chips. Marketing and strong-arm tactics are. Too bad for AMD that they don't know how to market their products like Intel...think of where they might be right now if THEY had all that extra money that Intel got by marketing....

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  5. We need to give AMD some more time. Intel had grown so fat ripping us off for more than a decade before AMD came up with real competition. Unfortunately the current aftermath of the IT bubble burst created an even unfavourable condition for AMD.

    We need a balance, man. Long live the competition!

    A fine day!
  6. I've given AMD enough time. They where going to launch Hammer at the end of last year 2002. Now its this year. I'm not waiting for them.
  7. I said NOTHING about marketing in my post. I really don't care who sells the most CPU's. I will NEVER trust Intel again, I put them in the same boat as CREATIVE. They sell ads, not performance or quality. I mean, what kind of company releases a CPU that fifty percent of them fail? (That P3 over a gig)

    Oh, and buy the way, do you really think that the HAMMER isn't done yet? I feel AMD is sitting on the HAMMER until the market starts to recover and the war is over. I bet both Intel and AMD have things they aren't talking about that they are almost completed with. Just like the F-117 Stealth, how many of you knew that they had a squadron of them in 1971? They were FLYING in 1965. I believe that the computer industry is the same way, sitting on new technologies, so they can release them during strategic times. Do you really think right now is the best time to release a new technology? They won't sell quickly enough, and the price will be forced down. No, they are sitting on the technology they gotta be.

    Water cooling is for the weak. Get liquid nitrogen.
  8. AMD's marketing stategies are by far supreme over Intel's when it comes to how to treat their customers and even competitors. Believe it, Intel is really nothing more than a company of strong-arming tactics. It will be a cold day in hell before I will use Intel products again.

    Hardware_Boss: Why wait for Athlon 64/Opteron, when Athlon XP, an already fantastic product can be had?

    But by the time the Athlon 64 gets out, I'll be hanging on the lock to my local store ;)
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