Connect pre amp (rca) to amp w/XLRs??

Have NAD M15 w/ rca to connect to 5 ch amp with XLRs. The NAD does have pre amp outs but my amp has xlrs inputs. Also, where do the surround L & R, Center, sub connect w/ RCA to my Krell 5 ch, (with XLR female) amp connect to? Many thanks.
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  1. each RCA cable from the pre amp out has a center conductor (+) and a shield (-)
    the center conductor connects to pin 2 of the XLR plug
    The shield connects to pin 1 and 3 of the XLR plug
    then the XLR plug is inserted into the amplifier input
    which channel does not matter, if you plug front right into channel 1 amp input, then the front right speaker goes to amp speaker output 1. and so on...
    You can either make RCA to XLR patch cords or buy them already made. Or a technician at a music store can make them for you.
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