Computer shuts down mid game

Hi Everyone
Just recently bought a new computer (Pre-built) about a week ago

AMD FX8120 8 core 3.1 processor
16 gb ram
2tb hhd
Nivida Gefore GTX 550 ti
Power supply is 400w

Now whenever i play a game the computer will turn off between 5-10 mins into the game. This happens with the SIMS 3, SKYRIM AND DISHONORED so far. I then have to unplug everything from the the back of the computer and plug it back in, sometimes change powerpoints altogether to get the computer to turn back on.

Can anyone help with this problem. Im hoping its something simple to fix as i do not want to send it away for warranty as the computer is only a week old

The computers brand is PRYON
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  1. Could be a driver issue. Many times when games crash, its drivers. Since you didn't build it yourself, I would return it for a replacement and let them worry about it.
  2. I don't think it is a driver issue for the fact that he has to unplug it.
    I would say it is a heat issue. Would you could do is take the side panel off and game that way. If it stays on longer or doesn't shut down then it would be a heat issue.
    What is probably going on is that the cpu has over heated and needs to cool down before you can turn it back on.
    Is the PC inside a cabinet/desk cubby? If so that could be a problem for the fact that it is not getting fresh air to cool it's self down.

    Check to make sure that the cpu heat sink is correctly fastened down.
  3. Heat issue!You need an aftermarket cooler.The stock heatsink is junk.
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