Dual Boot question. Del 1 OS then clean install 7?

I currently have a dual boot setup with Vista 64 and XP Pro. I want to format the Vista 64 and do a clean install of Win7 Pro 64bit but not touch the XP Pro. Can I simply boot to the dvd and custom install/format Vista and then install the clean Win 7 or will this screw up my dual boot?

Also, I hear Win7 likes to place the MBR on a random drive/partition. Is there a way to force it onto the same partition as where Win7 is going?

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  1. from the Win7 installation disk, you can choose which HD to format. So you can pick the one w/ the Vista to format.
    The MBR will be on which ever drive it was on previously (if you had it on the XP drive). If you didn't, then it will go onto the drive w/ the newly created operating system.
    There are a few ways to move the master boor record using the repair feature of the installation cd once the os is installed.
    The best way to know which drive its on, is simply to unplug all other drives until the OS is installed
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