I can't enter my BIOS, help!


I have a Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H motherboard and I can't access the BIOS. I boot my machine up and pound the "del" key(which is supposed to access the BIOS when prompted) but it just moves on to the Windows 7 screen. I've tried different wired and wireless keyboards but it makes no difference. Someone have any advice? I just got an SSD and i'm trying to make it the primary boot disk.
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  1. The first image that you see generally says which one is the key to enter the BIOS, i think in some cases that key is not the del key but i think i might be wrong.
  2. try other keys like tab f5 f8 f11 repeatedly and see if you get ANY response, if so double check the key (alot of laptops it F2)
  3. i have seen the boot splash page and "del" is the key to press for BIOS. Problem is it isn't working. My keyboard(s) aren't being recognized at all.
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    and have used a wired keyboard with and without adapters? ps2 and usb slots? older board have different ps2 for keyboard and mouse
  5. yeah thats the only other thing i havent given a shot yet. Still, pretty lame with technology where it's at u still have to troubleshoot the simple ***
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