Add third drive to XPS 410


A while back, I added a 120GB SSD to my system, next to my existing HDD. So I currently have two drives installed.

I'm now considering adding a second SSD to the bunch. Would this be possible? According to the documentation my system has six 7-pin SATA connectors so that should be no problem. I'm a bit more concerned about power connectors. Do I still have enough of them?

Hopefully somebody can give me a confirmation. Thanks in advance!
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  1. KeyMs92,

    You should be able to add a 3rd hd. I am not too sure about the 3rd HD bracket to add the HD to the system. If you need a bracket you may want to contact Dell Spare Parts Dept at the link below.

  2. What do you think of this. It seems perfect for me since I'll be using 2 SSDs.
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