Can photoshop/illustrater be added to a lap-top

If I purchase a laptop or notebook can I request for photoshop and illustrater to be installed on the computer before it is shipped.
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  1. Only if the company offered those as options, most won't.

    Why not just purchase them seperately.
  2. Usually the programs you can get are so called "lite" versions, or temporary versions when they come pre-installed. They will have very, very limited use. I think years ago I remember something called Photoshop LE or Lite, or something like that, but I haven't heard of it around for years. Probably because people who need these programs, NEED these programs for what they can do, not what they cannot do.
    I would say get your Credit Card out and head for Best Buy, or some other software boutique when you get your laptop and be prepared to spend another $1000 to $1800 depending on what you want.
  3. They now have photshop elements I believe.

    However, you still have Gimp and others although I have only done some basic stuff in gimp as and when I need to which isn't very often.
  4. There are very few companies that will pre-install Photoshop or illustator. I am able to buy it that way online through Dell's business portal (I'd have to check HP's from work, I know we can add some software packs for workstations), and also through the University. However consumer purchasers usually can't do that, except for rare exceptions (VooDoo used to do this type of install before they got bought by HP, but they were the exceptional exception to any rule :sol: )

    Really just about as easy to install it yourself, and if you have a university near you you can get an educational copy for cheap (sometimes cheaper to enroll for a course just to get the discount on some software).

    PS, if it's for ease of recovery just install on fresh updated machine, and then burn an image for future restores.
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